January 01 - January 31

We will spend all of January sprucing up the Tamastslikt Cultural Institute facility. There’s plenty of maintenance and repairs to keep us busy all month so we’ll see you on  February 1!


2020 ArtWORKz Junior Art Show & Competition

January 01 - February 15

Are you an artist? Art submissions will be accepted Feb. 1-15, 2020 for entry into the 2020 ArtWORKz Junior Art Show & Competition. Young artists up to age 18 may enter. NEW, this year is a $500 award to the Cayuse Technologies Grand Champion which will be given to the winner’s school or art program of choice to purchase art materials. All submissions will be on exhibit Feb. 22-Apr. 4, 2020. For rules and more information, click here for the info sheet.  For the entry form, click here.


2020 ArtWORKz Junior Art Show & Competition

February 22 - April 04

The  annual youth art show and competition, ArtWORKz 2020, featuring the artistic endeavors from youth throughout the region under the age of 19 will be on exhibit in the Tamástslikt gallery from February 22, 2020 through April 4, 2020. A variety of art media forms will be on display including sculpture, painting, drawing, printmaking, glass, mixed media, photography digital computer-generated art, fiber art, and traditional Tribal work such as beadwork, weaving, and parfleche painting. Young artists are competing for Grand Prizes, Awards of Excellence, Awards of Merit, Honorable Mentions, and Best Emerging Artist. The Artists’ Choice award is determined by the participants themselves. Plus! New this year is the Cayuse Technologies Grand Champion award which includes a $500 gift certificate for art materials to be given to the winner’s school or art program of their choice. An Entry Form and Info Sheet are available for artists.

Prizes will be awarded at the Artists Reception on Saturday, March 14, 2020 which begins at 1pm and is open to the public.  OPENING DAY IS FREE!



April 24 - July 18

The bison is a North American species whose story stretches from Plains Indian hunters to entrepreneurial industrialists to dedicated conservationists to today’s producers and enthusiasts. Visitors to BISON will experience an interactive environment that combines history, artifacts and hands-on activities to bring to life the story of this great North American mammal.

Sponsored by CHI St. Anthony Hospital.


Fake News

August 07 - November 07

Since the US presidential election in November 2016, ‘fake news’ has become a buzz phrase. But it’s far from a 21st-century phenomenon: propaganda, doctored images and unverified statistics can be found throughout the history of human communications. “Fake News” is an investigation into how and why these stories are created — and how new technologies are changing the ways information is spread across the globe.

Sponsored by CHI St. Anthony Hospital.


A History of Walls: The Borders We Build

November 20 - December 31

For as long as there have been nations, those nations have built walls. Today, we’re asking why.

This exhibit explores four significant historic walls built by nation-states. From the Israel/West Bank Barrier to the Great Wall of China, from the Berlin Wall to the wall along the US-Mexico border, A History of Walls looks at the history of and meaning behind these imposing infrastructural elements.

Sponsored by CHI St. Anthony Hospital.




Our Tribes are alive and prospering today. Tribal people have survived and thrive in the contemporary world. WE ARE features our resilient people as soldiers and warriors, players in government and the regional economy, leaders in salmon recovery success, balancing the modern with traditions, and still abiding by the Law of the Salmon.


Achievements, aspirations, and concerns of the tribal community are voiced in WE WILL BE. Cháwna mun na’ámta–We will never fade.


The 10-minute introductory Coyote Theater is open for visitors to enjoy. Spilyáy, the magical coyote dominates the story, expressing wisdom and foolishness in a comic exposition of how the world came to be as it is today. Witness Spilyay as he vanquishes the forces of destruction and saves the traditional foods for the Natítyayt.  Coyote Theater is accessible with admission.


Watch and listen for Spilyáy, the magical Coyote of Legend-Time. Find Spilyáy in Tamástslikt’s major galleries: We Were, We Are and We Will Be. Tamástslikt is a storyline museum and therefore does not merely document artifacts. In the SEASONAL ROUND, the Natítayt (the people) follow the pre-contact lifestyle of subsistence in the abundant natural world, reflecting its balance and order. Ambient sounds take the visitor to another time. Visitors will hear horses rumbling across the grassy plateau, storytellers in the winter lodge, the bell and worshipers in the church. They will hear a recreation of the 1855 Treaty Council of Walla Walla in the tribal language. Audio, artistry and historic images, rare and beautiful artifacts create a broad sensory experience depicting our Tribal world.