You can donate to your favorite activity!

In addition to the many needs that a non-profit museum faces, there are Tamástslikt activities that could be enjoyed by more families, children, and youth groups with your support.

Whatever your interest, your donation will go a long way toward supporting our mission and safeguarding the tangible icons of our culture. Select one or more of the activities. We greatly appreciate anything you can do and look forward to welcoming you to our facility for many years to come!


$ 300
  • As a non-profit entity, Tamástslikt Cultural Institute relies on fundraising, grants, donations, and memberships. Your unrestricted gift of $100 or more will help us take care of the many, varied expenses and needs of our facility – such as energy efficient lighting, increased handicap accessibility, new high quality exhibits, improvement of our grounds, and additions to the Living Culture Village, to name a few.


$ 200
  • Your $200 will allow busses full of school children to visit Tamástslikt. School budgets are tight but with your support, the children will not miss out on important cultural experiences.


$ 150
  • Your gift of $150 will help cover the costs of outreach programs, classroom caches, and exhibits designed specifically for school and youth groups. These programs sometimes have to take the place of a visit. And when young people are able to make the trip to Tamástslikt, your donation can enhance their experience with activities like storytellers, cultural demonstrations, and elder visits.


$ 100
  • A gift of $100 will go towards supplies, storage, conservation, and maintenance of the priceless items we have in our exhibits and archives so they can be enjoyed by generations to come.