Lewis and Clark Among the Nez Perce

Lewis and Clark Among The Nez Perce


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This book enjoys the unbeatable twin advantages of, first, a subject involving America’s most famous early explorers and the Indian tribe that rescued their expedition, and, second, one author who is a respected elder tribal statesman and an authority on Nez Perce culture, and the other a professional historian who specializes on the overall subject.  The result may well be the long-sought authoritative account on Lewis and Clark’s encounter with the Nez Perce.  − David H. Stratton, Professor Emeritus of History Washington State University.

Foreword by Frederick E. Hoxie


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“This is the way that history should be written; rich in prose, exquisitely researched, and based on Nez Perce ethnohistory that adds a wealth of information to the almost tireless records of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.  American Indian voices, cultures, societies, and responses to Lewis and Clark have almost been overwhelmed by non-Native histories.  Now they are not; Nez Perce history brings American history alive again.  As the authors say, ‘In movement, life were found,’ and in this case, ‘In movement, history was found.'”