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March 7 - May 8

In this timely and green exhibit presented by Catholic Health Initiatives St. Anthony Hospital, visitors are engaged in the topic of sustainability through everyday objects, activities, and technology.  You will gain an understanding of your role in sustainable practices via the context of the familiar and immediate: choices that we make today have a lasting effect.

The goal with this exhibit is to focus on sustainability at the individual and family level. How we generate electricity is important, but most of us can't act on that every day.  We do choose daily into which bags to put our groceries and how we wash our clothes. This exhibit will clarify some of these simple choices. All of the available choices include environmental trade-offs. But choose we must and this exhibit will help us make informed decisions.

Numerous interactive displays provide opportunities for visitors of all ages to connect with the content.


April 22
COMMUNITY ACADEMY - Learn to be a Referee! 6pm

Tamástslikt Cultural Institute’s Community Academy presents Weston Middle School educator and athletic director, John Barton, who will instruct you on the rules and regulations of basketball, the ins and outs of refereeing, and how to acquire certification. Barton has been with the Athena-Weston School District for the past 20 years and Athletic Director for the last 18.

Participation in every Community Academy is FREE and open to the public.   Community Academy is a periodic offering for community members by community members, both Tribal and non-Tribal, based on the interests of the community. If you have an activity you would like to present at a Community Academy, please contact Cassandra Franklin or call 541.429.7700.


May 2

 On the first Friday of every month everyone receives FREE ADMISSION into the gallery and exhibits.  Plus, we often have other activities going on like the Museum Store's beadworking classes.  This is a great opportunity to grab the neighborhood kids, round up your out of town guests, or call up the bridge club and bring them out for a special treat.  See you on Friday!


May 8
Wind Turbine Launch

 Join us on Thursday, May 8, at 1pm at the base of Tamastslikt's new wind turbine when we launch the operation of the Endurance 50kW - the first wind turbine of its kind in Oregon and the only wind turbine on a reservation in the Pacific Northwest. The sleek new turbine will produce over 94,000 kilowatt hours of electricity annually, or about 20% of the green building's already diminished electricity demand. This equates to an estimated $480,000 in savings over 30 years! Guests from Energy Trust Oregon and Pacific Power's Blue Sky Foundation - both of whom provided funding for the wind turbine - will join Tribal officials, Tamastslikt staff, and the public to mark this special occasion.  A reception follows inside the Institute as well as introduction of a new energy information kiosk to be installed in the Lobby.


May 16 - August 10
Wolves & Wild Lands in the 21st Century

Visit this timely new exhibit, ‘Wolves and Wild Lands In the 21st Century’, about wolves and their closely related cousins, the red wolf and the coyote. Presented by Catholic Health Initiatives St. Anthony Hospital, this story of wolves in North America takes us to many places, from the Arctic to the southwestern United States. And for every region where wolves thrive - or struggle to survive - cultural and economic pressures continue to shape their existence. This exhibition provides a compelling, continental perspective on wolves today. Organized by region, each wolf is presented in its human and natural history context and provides answers to many provocative questions. View the displays and draw your own conclusions. 


June 9
2nd Annual Mammoth Cup Golf Tournament

The 2nd Annual Mammoth Cup Golf Tournament presented by Wildhorse Resort & Casino will be held on Monday, June 9 at the Wildhorse Resort Golf Course.  This scramble format tourney is Tamástslikt’s premier fundraiser and an excellent opportunity to play one of the region’s top golf courses.  

Foursomes can register for the Mammoth Cup through May 29.  The entry fee is $95 per person (tax-deductible) and includes green fees, complimentary range balls, tee prize, box lunch, and awards banquet.  There will be plenty of exciting prizes to be won, beverage carts throughout the day, a raffle for great golf items and rounds, lots of fun side bets, and a $10,000 Hole in One contest.

The shotgun start is at 1pm.  Registration opens at 11:00am.  The Awards Banquet and no-host bar will follow on the patio of the Clubhouse Grill immediately following the tournament.  The Mammoth Cup is rapidly becoming one of the most anticipated golf events annually thanks to the support of Pepsi/Pendleton Bottling Co., Port of Kennewick, and St. Anthony Hospital.

For questions and to enter, call Trinette, TCI, at 541.429.7708.  For more info, call Mike Hegarty at the golf course, 541.276.5588.  

Click here for a flier/sign-up sheet.


August 22 - October 25
Greatest Photographs of the American West

Throughout its 125-year history, National Geographic has published photographs of the American West that both support and defy romantic notions of the land and its peoples. Although not comprehensive in its editorial coverage, National Geographic consistently reminds us of the importance of the region to human imagination.  Wide open spaces, spectacular rock formations, and the cowboy life are examined alongside struggles for limited natural resources, Native American cultural continuity, and new energy sources. The images shown in this exhibition, a small sample from the significant holdings of the National Geographic Archive, offer a broad understanding of a region that has long captivated photographers. Presented through the generosity of Catholic Health Initiatives St. Anthony Hospital.



Watch and listen for Spilyáy, the magical Coyote of Legend-Time. Find Spilyáy in Tamástslikt’s major galleries: We Were, We Are and We Will Be. Tamástslikt is a storyline museum and therefore does not merely document artifacts. In the SEASONAL ROUND, the Natítayt (the people) follow the pre-contact lifestyle of subsistence in the abundant natural world, reflecting its balance and order. Ambient sounds take the visitor to another time. Visitors will hear horses rumbling across the grassy plateau, storytellers in the winter lodge, the bell and worshipers in the church. They will hear a recreation of the 1855 Treaty Council of Walla Walla in the tribal language. Audio, artistry and historic images, rare and beautiful artifacts create a broad sensory experience depicting our Tribal world.



WELCOME--We're glad you are here.  American Indians didn't live only in the past. Tribal people have survived and thrive in the contemporary world. Cháwna mun na’ámta--We will never fade. WE ARE features our resilient people as soldiers and warriors, players in tribal government and the economy, leaders in salmon recovery success, balancing the modern with tradition, and still abiding by the Law of the Salmon.



Dreams, visions, hopes and concerns of the tribal community are voiced in WE WILL BE.



The 10-minute introductory Coyote Theater is open for visitors to enjoy. Spilyáy, the magical coyote dominates the story, expressing wisdom and foolishness in a comic exposition of how the world came to be as it is today. Witness Spilyay as he vanquishes the forces of destruction and saves the traditional foods for the Natítyayt.  On days other than First Friday, the Coyote Theater is accessible with admission.



“The architecture of each cultural center says, “We are.”  Proud. Unique. Permanent…Tamastslikt seems to grow out of the surrounding plateau, regal and serene.”
- Columbia Gorge Magazine 2006