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November 6 - January 2

World War I, also known as the Great War, was fought between 1914 and 1918. There was no internet, television, movies, or radio to explain the war or the need for Americans to be involved. News communications at the time were from newspapers, magazines, and posters. People could only express their views on the war or for soldiers primarily through letters, postcards, and photographs sent through civil and military postal services. This exhibit shows how early 19th century government and private social media efforts impacted those “over there” and at home.  It features 65 original posters from the World War I era, including an original “Uncle Sam” poster, as well as artifacts and ephemera from the time period.


November 17 - January 18
ArtWorkz Junior Art Show & Competition 2016 Call for Entries

The 2016 ArtWorkz Junior Art Show & Competition is now accepting submissions!  Each year about 100 young artists compete in this competition and get to see their original works hung in the Tamastslikt gallery.  There is no fee to enter and the competition is open to youth up to age 18. Lots of prizes will be awarded at the Artists Reception on Feb. 6, 2016 at 1pm.  The art show exhibit opens on Jan. 23, 2016.  For more information and an entry form, click here


November 27 - 28

 Up to 70% off everything in the Museum Store on Friday and Saturday, Nov. 26 & 27!  Clearance prices on CDs, cassettes, and books as low as $1.  Cotton Pendleton shirts at $25 (reg. $89!).

Buy a unique gift that will soon become a treasure:  Cáw Pawá Láakni - They Are Not Forgotten - an ethnogeographic atlas of Native place names just published by Tamastslikt Cultural Institute and partners. You can get these books, full of photos and maps, at "2 for the price of 1" on Nov. 26 & 27 only!  Regularly $29.95.

In addition, you can have your gifts wrapped for free and enjoy complimentary hot cider and hot chocolate. The Museum Store is open from 10am-5pm, Monday-Saturday.  

Mmmmm - yummy!  


December 4
First Fridays are FREE!

 On the first Friday of every month everyone receives FREE ADMISSION into the gallery and exhibits.  Plus, we often have other activities going on like the Museum Store's beadworking classes, FREE guided tours, and Indian Tacos in Kinship Cafe for only $7. This is a great opportunity to gather up the family, round up your out of town guests, or get the office staff together and bring them out for a special treat.  See you on Friday!


December 5
Finding Your Inner Balance Series - Making a Ribbon Shirt 10am-5pm

Learn to cut out and sew a traditional ribbon shirt with an expert instructor. A low-stress day ending with a beautiful handmade product. Advanced registration required. Participants must provide their own fabric and are encouraged to bring their sewing machine as a limited number will be available at the class.

For more information or to sign up, contact Janine Winn at 541-429-7197.

Sponsored by CTUIR Tribal Vocational Rehabilitation in collaboration with Tamástslikt Cultural Institute. 


December 12
Pepsi Primetime @ the Museum: World War I - American and the Great War 1pm

This documentary film is one of the most accurate interpretations of World War I available, describing the events, causes, trench warefare and the final drive by the American and allied forces that ended it all on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918.

Pepsi Primetime @ the Museum is FREE and open to the public.  Complimentary refreshments will be served.




Watch and listen for Spilyáy, the magical Coyote of Legend-Time. Find Spilyáy in Tamástslikt’s major galleries: We Were, We Are and We Will Be. Tamástslikt is a storyline museum and therefore does not merely document artifacts. In the SEASONAL ROUND, the Natítayt (the people) follow the pre-contact lifestyle of subsistence in the abundant natural world, reflecting its balance and order. Ambient sounds take the visitor to another time. Visitors will hear horses rumbling across the grassy plateau, storytellers in the winter lodge, the bell and worshipers in the church. They will hear a recreation of the 1855 Treaty Council of Walla Walla in the tribal language. Audio, artistry and historic images, rare and beautiful artifacts create a broad sensory experience depicting our Tribal world.



WELCOME--We're glad you are here.  American Indians didn't live only in the past. Tribal people have survived and thrive in the contemporary world. Cháwna mun na’ámta--We will never fade. WE ARE features our resilient people as soldiers and warriors, players in tribal government and the economy, leaders in salmon recovery success, balancing the modern with tradition, and still abiding by the Law of the Salmon.



Dreams, visions, hopes and concerns of the tribal community are voiced in WE WILL BE.



The 10-minute introductory Coyote Theater is open for visitors to enjoy. Spilyáy, the magical coyote dominates the story, expressing wisdom and foolishness in a comic exposition of how the world came to be as it is today. Witness Spilyay as he vanquishes the forces of destruction and saves the traditional foods for the Natítyayt.  On days other than First Friday, the Coyote Theater is accessible with admission.



“The architecture of each cultural center says, “We are.”  Proud. Unique. Permanent…Tamastslikt seems to grow out of the surrounding plateau, regal and serene.”
- Columbia Gorge Magazine 2006